Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

When is it time to break up with a comic book? Sometimes, the decision is obvious: The comic's quality plunges or goes in a direction you don't like. Maybe the writer and/or artist changes and their work doesn't move you. But let's say you're reading a book that you've enjoyed for a long time, one... Continue Reading →

Friday Favorite: Ravager

She’s inappropriate, bitchy, and a little too fond of problem-solving through violence, but I ♥ Ravager. Every superhero team needs a rabble-rouser, and Ms. Rose Wilson fills that role for the Teen Titans with verve. As the offpsring of Slade Wilson (Deathstroke), she has enough dysfunction for several lifetimes. She’s also grown to become a... Continue Reading →

Poll Retrospective: Here’s How You Voted

Over the past year, we’ve asked for your opinion on everything from Wonder Woman’s drawers to whether you gave a rat’s ass about the upcoming Green Lantern movie. The results were always entertaining, and frequently surprising. Without further ado, here are the results from polls past: 1. Which version of Diana’s knickers do you prefer?... Continue Reading →

Comic Judgment: Titans, Together!

Teen Titans #88 Writer: J.T. Krul Art: Nicola Scott, Doug Hazlewood (ink), Jason Wright (color), Adam Hughes (variant cover) Letters: Sal Cipriano When I got back into comics several years ago, I fell hard for Geoff Johns’ Teen Titans. I’d enjoyed the Wolfman/Perez stuff back in the day, and it seemed to me that Johns’ modern... Continue Reading →

Friday Favorite: Tim Drake Wayne

Despite the fact that they all run around in silly costumes, some caped characters get more respect than others. If you say you’re a Batman fan, even his harshest geek critics won’t make fun of you, at least to your face. But saying that Robin is one of your favorites leads to snickering and the... Continue Reading →

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