7 Days From Hell (Yeah!)

  If you're hemming and hawing over whom to vote for in Top Cow's annual Pilot Season contest, let us help. G3’s unequivocal, unanimous choice is 7 Days from Hell, the Bryan Edward Hill/Rob Levin-penned story of a former mercenary who escaped death (and hell) at a terrible price. Protagonist John Bishop is now a... Continue Reading →

Comic Judgment: Asset #1

Asset #1 Writer: Filip Sablik, Jenny Frison (cover) Art: David Marquez Colors: William Farmer Letters: Troy Peteri When a character name-checks Pat Benatar and Mata Hari, how can the comic not be good? Madeline, the secret agent at the center of Asset #1, has seduction and manipulation down to a science, and she wields them... Continue Reading →

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