2010 Memorable Moment: 7 Days Rocks Top Cow

7 Days from Hell, the excellent Top Cow Pilot Season contender, was straight-up robbed. Despite being head and shoulders above the more formulaic winner, 39 Minutes, this stylish, thrilling book came up short at the finish line. We went into more detail here, and if you haven't read Bryan Edward Hill and Rob Levin's entry,... Continue Reading →

7 Days From Hell (Yeah!)

  If you're hemming and hawing over whom to vote for in Top Cow's annual Pilot Season contest, let us help. G3’s unequivocal, unanimous choice is 7 Days from Hell, the Bryan Edward Hill/Rob Levin-penned story of a former mercenary who escaped death (and hell) at a terrible price. Protagonist John Bishop is now a... Continue Reading →

Comic Judgment: Asset #1

Asset #1 Writer: Filip Sablik, Jenny Frison (cover) Art: David Marquez Colors: William Farmer Letters: Troy Peteri When a character name-checks Pat Benatar and Mata Hari, how can the comic not be good? Madeline, the secret agent at the center of Asset #1, has seduction and manipulation down to a science, and she wields them... Continue Reading →

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