Why ‘Twilight’ is all right with me

This post is Part 2 of G3's response to Twi-Hater nation. Check out V.'s previous essay here. Every other week or so, an anti-Twilight zinger presents itself during my regular pop culture and social media consumption, usually followed by a stream of ha-ha-Twilight-sux commentary from people who are vigilant about telling us that a harmless... Continue Reading →

G3 Review: Twilight – The Graphic Novel

This is a big week for the Twilight franchise with the release of The Twilight Saga: New Moon DVD and Twilight: The Graphic Novel. I pre-ordered both, and I’ve been hitting up the UPS site regularly to track my packages. I was beyond thrilled on Wednesday when I saw that the graphic novel had been... Continue Reading →

A Twi-Meh Comes to Bella Swan’s Defense

Can we stop with the Bella-bashing, already? Let me be clear: I've read three of the four "Twilight" books, but I didn't love them. As my Twi-Hard friends know, I've got some problems with the co-dependent romance at the heart of the series. In the books, Bella Swan's internal monologue eventually annoyed me so much... Continue Reading →

If It Pleases and Sparkles …

There are few things I love more than comics. They are rich with iconic characters that I've always loved, from Wonder Woman to the more obscure but fascinating anti-hero Lady Shiva. And oh, how I love the art; so many ways to draw a character, an emotion, an action. Add to that the stories and the ingenious... Continue Reading →

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