Panel of the Week: Betty Grows a Spine

Oh, snap!

In a previous post, I provided ample evidence that Veronica Lodge is the worst best friend in comics. I also issued a plea for Betty to, once and for all, tell that backstabbing, entitled heifer where to go after decades of this nonsense. She finally did, and it was fantastic. (Spoiler Alert) Continue reading “Panel of the Week: Betty Grows a Spine”

Friday Favorite: Cheryl Blossom

I'd hate me, too.

Veronica Lodge has the sassy, rich vixen role on lock most of the time, but whenever bombshell Cheryl Blossom sashays into Riverdale, it is Game Over. Even worse for Miss Lodge’s considerable ego, Cheryl knows she is hot with her red hair, dangerous curves, and short skirts — and she flaunts her assets with no apology. It’s quite a feat to make Betty and Veronica look plain.

Loving Betty (and I do) is politically correct, but Cheryl is really my favorite Archie Comics female character. She’s a brash bad girl, and something about that always appealed to me as a reserved type who wore Keds instead of Candie’s (the “fast girl” shoes of the late ’70s and early ’80s).

Plenty went over my head when I was in elementary school, but looking back, I’m struck by what a sexual character Cheryl is in the relatively tame Archie universe. I mean, in her very first comics appearance, she comes thisclose to taking off the top half of her tiny bikini on a public beach — just for kicks! This sends poor Betty into a hyperventilating panic. Continue reading “Friday Favorite: Cheryl Blossom”

Betty and Veronica, Reinterpreted

I’m out and proud about my longtime affection for Archie Comics, and I really don’t care that it’s the geek equivalent of loving “Facts of Life” reruns. Deal with it!

Anyway, it’s worth noting that those classic characters continue to be a source of inspiration for illustrators everywhere. When I saw Stuart Immonen’s stylish, modern take on Betty and Veronica below, I decided that he should draw every B&V comic book from here on out:

Stuart Immonen's B and V

The Immonen piece sent me on a hunt for other alternative/updated tributes to the first ladies of Riverdale, and while some were a little scary, quite a few were fantastic. I loved Luis Escobar’s drawing below, which strongly suggests that Mary Jane Watson is going to give Veronica Lodge the beatdown while Betty and Gwen Stacy look on.

Another standout was Mike Wieringo’s interpretation. There’s a hard edge to it, and a whole lot going on with their facial expressions and body language. A whole lot.

Mike Wieringo's Mean Girls B and V

Al Rio, who makes everything look sexy, created a semi-naughty homage to the frenemies that tiptoes right up to the line without going over it. It’s a cheeky drawing for sure, one that reflects a lot of reader fantasies we aren’t going get into here.

Al Rio's PG-13 B and V