G3 Review: A Flight of Angels

A Flight of Angels (Vertigo)
Conceived and illustrated by Rebecca Guay
Written by Holly Black, Louise Hawkes, Bill Willingham, Alisa Kwitney and Todd Mitchell
Letters by Todd Klein

For weeks now, I’ve been feeling some worrisome pull list fatigue. But one of the benefits of being burned out on the usual is that it can inspire a reader to seek stories that are off the beaten path. I picked up A Flight of Angels on a light Wednesday, and it’s a gem.

Conceived and illustrated by Rebecca Guay, A Flight of Angels is a visually stunning graphic novel that draws the reader into a world of mythical creatures and fanciful tales. Angels are often thought of as divine protectors or avengers, but this book offers a complex portrait of the heavenly beings. Continue reading “G3 Review: A Flight of Angels”