Women Read Comics in Public … AGAIN!

For the third straight year, ladies are coming out in droves to read their comics in public. I absolutely love this event for its celebration of diversity and comic fangirldom. So girls, grab your comics, go out and be seen! While you are at it, take a picture and send it here – womenreadcomicsinpublicagain.tumblr.com.

Reading Comics in Public: 2011 Edition

It is amazing how quickly a year goes by, but August 28th is here again. Erika and I ventured out to read our comics in public in honor of the day. The day being International Read Comics in Public Day, of course (and Jack Kirby’s birthday!). Last year was the first year, and we certainly wanted to continue the tradition. Continue reading “Reading Comics in Public: 2011 Edition”

Gail Simone’s Letter to “Everyone in Comics, Dammit”

Gail Simone’s letter on the importance of female comic readership.

E. and I are generally not “rebloggers,” but for this I make an exception.

Here at Girls Gone Geek, we are not shy about our reverence for writer Gail Simone. Her stories are wildly entertaining, witty, smart, and depraved in the best kind of way. I’ve never met her, although I hope to one of these days. Off the books, she comes across as a gracious and passionate person who cares about her fans and the dignity of people in general.

She’s known to take to Twitter, her tumblr, or the message boards voicing her opinions about various things. She is particularly froggy when injustice or dumbassery is at hand. I tend to agree with her on just about everything. Gail’s poignant letter about why people should care about women who read comics is one more instance of that.

I wanted to share what she wrote. Continue reading “Gail Simone’s Letter to “Everyone in Comics, Dammit””

Doing Our Geek Duty

Girls Gone Geek takes to the streets with their comics.

When I rolled my ass out of bed at 11 am, I was looking forward to the day.

I immediately sent a text: “E., darling. Happy Saturday. Pics later?”

To which she replied: “Perfecto. Lunch would be fab, too!”

And so, in the spirit of all that is great and geeky, E. and I ventured out into the world to read our comics in public. It was a lovely day with my dear friend.

Did you participate in International Read Comics in Public Day? What comic did you want the world to know about?

E. Peterman gets her Kal-El on.

Vanessa G. enjoys the indie goodness of Chew.

Read Comics in Public

Tomorrow is the day. Get out. Read your comics in public. Be proud.

Art by Mike Kevan

Happy Friday my yummy geek nuggets!

Tomorrow, Saturday, August 28th, is International Read Comics in Public Day. I’m here to remind you to get your ass off the couch, dare to be a daywalker, and make sure you bring your comics along. Read them and be seen doing it by as many people as possible. If someone asks you what you’ve got there, say it loud and proud: A COMIC BOOK!

E. and I will be out and about doin’ the damn thing. Matter of fact, we’ll be taking pictures. I suggest you do the same. Post it to your Facebook, Twitter, Myspace (does anybody even use that anymore?, or …

DC Women Kicking Ass has a special treat for the ladies, she’s created the tumblr, Women Read Comics in Public. The expressed purpose is to feature fangirls enjoying their sequential art, and to let it be known that ladies love comics! There are a lot more of us than some would like to think, and we are PASSIONATE.

Spread the word!