Comics You Should Be Reading: Back In The Saddle Edition

Hey nerds!

It’s been awhile. We know. Let’s just say we’ve been busy doing life, and all three of us are guilty of falling behind on our monthly comic book reading duties.

In an effort to get back in the saddle, we each went through our mounting stash of unread comics. We chose the two titles that we absolutely can’t wait to read and stand out among the rest. So, when your real-life responsibilities get you behind on your comics, in the very little in between time, these are the comics you should be reading. Continue reading

G3 Year in Review: Honorable Mention

It was a tough task to make a list of the “BEST” comics for 2013 because inevitably some books have to get left off. Some really great books.

What does one do?

She makes another list.

Sometimes they were flubbed by crossover confusion. Sometimes Grant Morrison didn’t make any sense, again. Sometimes the writer got caught up in a sexual harassment scandal. But no matter what the obstacle, these titles still managed tear-jerking, character-defining, cuteness-overloaded, chaotically magic moments.  Here are their honorable mentions. Continue reading

G3 Year in Review: Best of the Best

After you have read comics for awhile, the lines start to blur and the colors bleed together (this is particularly true for superhero comics). Like TV and film, comics often lean on money-making cliche and character tropes, but there are always the books that are brave enough to do their own thing.

It is those books that rise to the surface with wonderful moments of originality, great creative spirit and often the fanfare that they deserve (like making G3’s “You Should Be Reading” list).

The following comics are the crème de la crème, an example for other comics to follow and collectively, the ladies of G3 pull them all. Get the issues. Get the trades. Get the hardcovers. These are the books that are worth every red cent and your precious leisure time. Promise. Continue reading

Comics You Should Be Reading: Summer 2013 Edition

It is the most glorious of the days of the week. That would be Wednesday, of course! Your thoughtful band of merrywomen here at G3 have decreed yet another list of comics that YOU SHOULD BE READING.

Some of the titles have made our lists before. That’s because they are consistently enjoyable. Image Comics is pretty much the mayor of that town right now with Saga, Fatale, Prophet, Mara, Morning Glories and Chew reappearing. And we have new affections for Lazarus, Ten Grand and Jupiter’s Legacy. But Marvel also has a few that we can’t stop loving. Continue reading

Comics You Should Be Reading: Spring 2013 Edition

It is that time again!

It is the time when Lindsey, Erika and I do our civic duty and tell you fine folks which comics … YOU SHOULD BE READING.

As per usual, this list is by no means exhaustive. There are many, many beautiful pieces of sequential art out there. Alas, we are mere mortals. We have to sleep some time. That is why we invite YOU, our brilliant readers, to tell us if we missed anything in the comments section.

Without any further ado, we have got some titles from the Big Two, some from Image, Boom and Dark Horse AND we’ve got some from the far reaches of The Internet. Enjoy … and you’re welcome! Continue reading

Comics You Should Be Reading: Winter 2013 Edition

Happy New Comics Day, everyone!

The weather in our neck of the woods looks nothing like winter, but I am sure it is freezing somewhere. With that in mind, it was time again for the three of us to put our beautiful heads together and come up with a list of comics that we love the most. Right now.

This is by no means an exhaustive list. There is a sea of comic brilliance out there, but there are only so many hours in the day … even for three as comic book obsessed as us. The list may or may not change come spring. But today and in no particular order, these are the comics …. YOU should be reading. Continue reading

Comics You Should Be Reading: Fall 2012 Edition

Happiest Halloween my spooky darlings! Girls Gone Geek has a treat for you – a gallery of  what’s good in comics! Erika, Lindsey and I put our geeky heads together, and picked the books that we just can’t live without … at the moment.

In the ebb and flow of loving comics, some things have changed since the Summer and a few things have stayed the same. Some titles are wonderfully consistent month to month, thus they remain in the upper echelon (I am looking at you Saga), and others, while great, are coming to an end (farewell Sweet Tooth). Having said that, this list is in no way definitive beyond the realm of our three hearts. But we do know a thing or two about comics, and we promise not to lead you astray.

For the Fall of 2012 (and in no particular order), these are the comics YOU should be reading. Continue reading

Comics You Should Be Reading: Summer 2012 Edition

When your tried and true doesn’t bring the kind of joy that it used to, sometimes the grass is actually greener. What am I talking about? I am feeling a bit disenfranchised by my DC Comics as of late. While a few titles still make me happy, it has brought to light a plethora of amazing comic books that lie beyond the bleed.

Erika and I put our heads together and came up with the 20 must read titles of … right now. Come Fall, some of these books may not be as hot. There might be a different creator on art duties or the story could go all to hell (I’m looking at you Azzarello). So, we’ll reassess around Halloween time. But for the Summer of 2012 (and in no particular order), these are the comics you should be reading. Continue reading