A regular at our Geek Lunch table, our friend CT talks to talented artist, Des Taylor. Taylor's retro style has a wonderful charm, and his rendering of Lois Lane is one of my favorites. So head on over to Nerd Lunch, check out the podcast and Taylor's art!

For the third straight year, ladies are coming out in droves to read their comics in public. I absolutely love this event for its celebration of diversity and comic fangirldom. So girls, grab your comics, go out and be seen! While you are at it, take a picture and send it here - womenreadcomicsinpublicagain.tumblr.com.

I have dropped in on my homie extraordinaire, Dana at Stimulated Boredom, once again to podcast a bit about my time at Dragon*Con this year. CLICK HERE to check it out!

For a long time, Firestorm was not what you would call a top tier character at DC. And, for a long time, our friend Shag has had a blog devoted to him.  At many a Geek Lunch, I (and everyone else in our posse) have playfully razzed Shag about his Firestorm blog. As much fun... Continue Reading →

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